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IntrCity SmartBus Launches Digital Luggage Tag for Bus Travel

  • April 17, 2024
  • 2 min read
IntrCity SmartBus Launches Digital Luggage Tag for Bus Travel

Positioning buses as the preferred mode of travel for Bharat

IntrCity SmartBus, India’s leading inter-city mobility platform, has announced the launch of the industry’s first Digital Luggage Tag feature. This pioneering innovation is set to redefine luggage management by streamlining the process.

With this new feature, over 200,000 passengers traveling on IntrCity SmartBus across more than 630 routes in 16 states can enjoy a seamless and stress-free journey.

The Digital Luggage Tag feature is ingeniously designed to simplify luggage handling for travelers using IntrCity SmartBus services. As passengers board, they hand over their luggage to our dedicated Bus Captains, who then quickly capture essential details about the luggage’s appearance and destination through a secure digital system. What sets this feature apart is its use of advanced technology to generate a unique One-Time Password (OTP) linked to the passenger’s contact number. This OTP acts as a secure verification of the luggage’s status, significantly enhancing efficiency and eliminating the uncertainties commonly associated with traditional luggage handling methods.

Manish Rathi, Co-founder & CEO of IntrCity SmartBus, expressed his enthusiasm about the new feature, stating, “We recognize the challenges and anxieties that come with managing luggage during travel. The introduction of the Digital Luggage Tag feature is our way of addressing these issues, ensuring our passengers enjoy a smooth and worry-free travel experience. Furthermore, our dedication to innovation and passenger convenience has been unwavering. From introducing personalized assistance onboard—SmartBus Captains to pioneering the installation of urinals inside our buses, alongside comfortable boarding lounges for seamless boarding experiences, we have consistently aimed to redefine the standards of intercity bus travel in India.”

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